• Architectural Design
    Management and Construction
  • Comprehensive Management of Real Estate Projects:

    a. We evaluate project viability starting from the identification of opportunities, in-depth analysis of the project and its surroundings, pre-feasibility, and evaluation of the benefits for the client and for our organization.

    b. Design management originates in a Strategic Design Plan that allows us to review and verify it during the project term, deliver the requirements for the different licenses and carry out all the technical designs until final approval.

    c. We tender and induce projects with previous technical, economic and legal studies.

    Construction of Projects:

    a. We plan all our projects in a Strategic Work Plan to validate budget and scheduling.

    b. We build our projects with leadership, fulfilling specifications, scheduling, budget and quality. We manage the environmental impact associated to our activity and the healthy and safe working conditions for Company personnel.

    c. We perform technical and administrative control of the works to avoid deviations.
    d. We deliver our works after the review and with the respective handing over of the Operating Manual.

    Customer Service and Maintenance:

    a. We offer support to the client’s needs throughout the construction process.

    b. We provide after-sales services for each of our projects.